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KIMURA has passed over 100 years solely devoting To the manufacturing of knives of machine industry since the foundation.
As one of the manufacturers of knives for machine industry of Japan, we always tried our best to develop the most up-to -date technique and to contribute to the growth of Japanese industry
Through the production of manufactured goods of superior quality with our skillful technology and original research to cope with the remarkably advancing innovation and the trend of higher level of the machine industry.
With a spirit of Co-operation and Harmony developing original superior the knives, amplifying world top level and brand new installments.
We are resolved to do as far as we can do to respond to the requirements and specifications of our customers and users in all spheres such as quality efficiency price and delivery of our products.
It is our sincere hope that you will extend your kind cooperation to us
KIMURA KNIFE who is going to contribute much to the future development of the industry.

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